Youth support

  • <strong>Young Hackney</strong>

    Young Hackney is our service for all young people aged 6-19 and up to 25 with additional needs. Bringing together the skills and expertise of the youth service we aim to help all of Hackney’s young people to enjoy their youth and become independent and successful adults.
    Young Hackney: runs youth hubs, trips and projects, provides opportunities, support and guidance for young people, helps young people get involved in their communities ,works to help prevent young people who might get involved in antisocial behaviour or crime, works with young people who have been arrested or convicted of a criminal offence to make sure they do not offend again, helps with substance misuse, mental health issues and helps young victims of crime.

    Young Hackney

  • <strong>Young Hackney</strong>- <strong>Youth clubs and projects</strong>

    Each club has a team of workers who run youth activities, offer advice and guidance, and work with young people who need extra support. We also run several youth participation projects to help young people get more involved in their communities. Each centre provides a full range of activities and support services: youth activities such as sports, arts, multimedia and homework, the chance to get involved in the community, accredited programmes such as art awards or the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, employment and training advice, extra support, when and where it’s needed and each has a nominated specialism, chosen by young people.

    Young Hackney Forest Road
    Young Hackney Stoke Newington
    Young Hackney The Edge
    Concorde Youth Hub
    Young Hackney Hoxton Hall
    Young Hackney The Edge
    Young Hackney Stoke Newington
    Young Hackney Concord
    Young Hackney Forest Road

Opportunities, support and advice for young people

We want all young people in Hackney to feel supported, safe and have access to positive opportunities in their community.

  • Hackney education and schools

    Hackney education and schools provide help with schools, play schemes, after-school clubs and support for young people with special educational needs.

    Hackney education and schools

  • Young Hackney

    Young Hackney can provide advice and support on health, relationships, money management and staying safe.

    Young Hackney

  • Hackney youth opportunity

    Hackney youth opportunity fund provides grants for youth activities organised by young people.

  • OffCentre

    OffCentre offer free advice, support, therapy and counselling for young people aged 11-25 in Hackney.


  • CHYPS Plus

    CHYPS Plus provide free health information from City and Hackney NHS.

    CHYPS Plus

  • Hackney Ark

    Hackney Ark provides advice for carers and services for young people with disability support needs.

    Hackney Ark

Apprenticeships, jobs and career advice

  • <strong>Hackney apprenticeships</strong>

    If you’re aged 16-25, live in Hackney or went to school in Hackney and are interested in doing an apprenticeship you’ve stumbled onto the right page.
    The apprenticeship programme within the Council offers a variety of apprentice opportunities, at a competitive salary.

    Apprenticeships and work placements

  • <strong>Hackney Works</strong>

    Hackney Works is a free service offered to all Hackney residents.
    The aim is to connect local people to opportunities in Hackney’s growing business community and to give them access to personalised employment support, IT facilities, and basic skills training and job opportunities.

    Hackney Works

  • <strong>Volunteering opportunities</strong>

    Our volunteers come from all sections of the community and influence our youth programmes with their unique skills and experiences.
    To become a Young Hackney volunteer you need to be aged over 18, and submit an application form and attend an informal interview. You’ll also need to pass a DBS and reference check.
    We ask you to commit to 2 hours’ volunteering a week, but we can be flexible and accommodate your schedule.
    In return for your time, we offer full reimbursement of travel expenses and lunch expenses up to £5, along with support and supervision, training opportunities and references.


  • <strong>Youth forums</strong>

    The 4 area youth forums are for young people to meet and discuss local and youth issues. Anyone aged 11-19 can join their local forum as long as they can come to one meeting every week after school, college or work.
    There are good reasons to join your area youth forum: develop new skills and gain qualifications, enjoy new experiences, improve your CV, make a difference to your community.

    Homerton Area Youth Forum

  • <strong><strong>Hackney Youth Parliament</strong></strong>

    The Hackney Youth Parliament has 6 members who are elected every 2 years and represent the views of young people in the borough.
    The parliament: is the voice of young people in Hackney, consults young people in Hackney on their views, is involved in decision-making with the Council and councillors, keeps young people in Hackney informed on matters affecting them, run campaigns to make positive change.

    Hackney Youth Parliament

  • The <strong><strong>Hackney</strong></strong> promise to children in care

    Young Hackney have made a list of promises around your rights, where you live, your education, training or employment, your health, your identity and becoming an adult that they have committed to when taking care of children in care.

    The Hackney promise to looked-after children

  • <strong><strong><strong>Childcare and after school clubs in Hackney</strong></strong></strong>

    Most schools in the area provide after school clubs and holiday clubs, find your nearest and most suitable.

    After school and holiday clubs

  • <strong><strong>Hackney youth charter</strong></strong>

    The Hackney youth charter has been developed by young people to support the active involvement of children and young people in decision making.

    Hackney youth charter

  • <strong><strong>Hackney youth opportunity fund</strong></strong>

    The fund lets young people apply for a grant up to £3,500 to fund an event or project in their local area.

    Hackney Youth Opportunity Fund