Culturally specific support

  • Hackney Chinese Community Services

     Mental health support groups and one to one support for members of the Chinese community with mental health needs.

    Hackney Chinese Community Services

  • Taraki

    Taraki work with Punjabi communities to improve access to mental health awareness, education, social supports, and research.


  • Bangladeshi Mental Health Forum

    Bangladeshi Mental Health Forum raises awareness of mental health and providing support within the Bangladeshi community.

    Bangladeshi Mental Health Forum

  • Derman

    Derman is accepted as a professional, effective, efficient and caring organisation that is here for all people from our communities. It has developed a solid reputation as the only health and social care-related service provider to Kurdish and Turkish people in the UK.


  • Irish Elders

    Combating poverty, isolation and distress amongst the local elderly Irish population.

    The Irish Elderly Advice Network

  • Bikur Cholim

    From meals to emotional support and visiting a child at hospital, our teams are always ready to help out.

    Bikur Cholim

  • Talking Matters – Wellbeing Centre

    Talking Matters is a service that works predominately with the Orthadox Jewish Community but will also work in agreement with other Hackney residents and professionals who work with Charedi clients. The service aims to “never turn anyone away”. 

    Talking Matters – Wellbeing Centre

  • Chizuk

    We offer services to people in the Orthodox Jewish communities; suffering stress, anxiety, and or experiencing mental health conditions.
    Chizuk helps challenge the view of mental health within the community through education and training.


  • Chat Works Hackney

    Chat Works Hackney is managed and curated by and for the local community. As a Black-led entity we amplify the voice of non-mainstream perspectives on black mental health. Strongly rooted in the borough by generational family ties, Chat Works integrates into current African Caribbean cultural life. The aim is to improve life outcomes and facilitate better mental health and well-being.

    Chat Works Hackney 

  • Coffee Afrik

    Our focus is to reduce health inequalities whilst creating good noise and good trouble to magnify intersectional issues and harnessing joint third sector support: by having co-production as a core function. We apply our unique referral pathway model pioneered through our experts by experience to amplify all of our multiple projects. 

    Coffee Afrik CIC

  • Day-Mer Turkish and Kurdish Community Centre

    Day-Mer Turkish and Kurdish Community Centre works with and on behalf of Turkish and Kurdish people in London, helping solve problems and promoting cultural, economic, social and democratic rights. Our focus is on contributing to a young migrant community’s integration in society by providing community services in response to changing and emerging needs. 

    DayMer | Turkish and Kurdish Community Centre

  • IRIE Mind

    In a nutshell, the aim of the IRIE Mind project is to champion black mental health and provide community-based solutions to mental illness. The project itself is Black led to reflect the culture and “know how” of the individuals we will be working with.  There will be a strong emphasis on ensuring that the methods used reach the needs of the black community.

    IRIE Mind

  • SWIM Enterprises

    SWIM works directly with ex-offenders from ACH communities and other people at risk of entering the Criminal Justices System and our referrals come from probation service providers.
    PACT’s focus on the generational differences between older black men and their children and grandchildren’s generation, helps to provide perspective and acceptance. This equips participants to revisit and rebuild relationships positively. The goal is to empower people to become strong role models in family and social circles.